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Pimp my…. Nexus


I love Nexus devices. So much so in fact, that I have a nice little display of them in my office, along with a 3D printed Android for good measure. While I am aware that my collection is missing a couple of devices (and includes what is technically a non-Nexus device), I’m proud of it.


All that being said, I haven’t really used a Nexus as my daily driver since the Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus 4 and 5 just didn’t have the battery life for my liking. I’m a heavy user, so I like my devices to get me through a full day of use. Imagine my surprise then, when the Nexus 6P came about with its 3450mAh battery. I immediately ordered the first one available (in silver). While it’s a nice looking device, I always found it to be on the plain side, and I’ve never been a fan of that large, black, protruding camera.


Then I heard about Dbrand skins. For anyone that hasn’t heard of Dbrand, they provide custom 3M Vinyl skins for a range of the latest smartphones.

Off I went to the site to create my TechVillain themed Nexus 6p skin.

Two weeks later, it arrived in the UK from Canada for the reasonable price of around the £14 mark. It arrived in a small envelope, without any instructions. Instead, it pointed me in the direction of a video to watch on youtube, which promised to show me exactly how it was done.

After having spent the last 32 minutes applying the 14 different sticker pieces to my Nexus, I can tell you that the woman in that video is nothing short of a pro at applying vinyls. She makes it look significantly easier than it actually is. In fact, ten minutes in I was ready to throw the phone through the office window and take up smoking again. Persistence and patience ultimately prevailed though, when I finally got all the TEN PIECES of lettering in place. Speaking of which, the letters didn’t quite fill the gaps properly on my particular skin. Whether this is due to a very minute printing issue or simply how I attached the skin, I do not know. They were all every so slightly too small for the gaps. You can’t really tell though unless you’re an obsessive perfectionist, which unfortunately, I am.

Overall though, despite its extremely fiddly and unforgiving application, the Dbrand skin really looks exactly how I imagined it would. It looks completely seamless and I can’t really fault it at all. Just note that if you try to rush it, or get it wrong at all, you’ll simply have to buy another one.

Check out the site here if you’re interested.

I should also give a shout out to Fire Flex; UK’s own answer to custom 3M skins for the latest and greatest smartphones. While I’ve never tried their skins, I’ve heard great things about them. Check out their site here.

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